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Oregon State Police:; State Fire Marshal: Report Something? Especially because he terrorized the Pacific Northwest throughout the mid '70s. Other examples which you may find within lists of cold cases on law enforcement websites are several unsolved murders Salem, Oregon, which may include the 1970 murder of Laurel Wilson, the 1970 murder of Erika Payne, the 2008 murder of Jerry Harvey Davis, the 2001 murder of Bricio Munoz-Aguirre, and the 1992 murder of Marjorie M. Wells, along . Prior to her disappearance, Graciela was a well-known hairstylist who was very close with her clients. Trained searchers are continuing to look for Chase in the heavily wooded area south of Cougar Reservoir but have exhausted all initial leads as to where he could have gone. Date and time of homicide:Between February 16, 11 p.m., and 7 a.m., February 17, 1973. The Cold Case Squad has four volunteers (three retired police officers and a former prosecutor) assigned to investigate the cases under the supervision of Violent Crimes Unit sworn detectives. William "Billy" Ebeneezer Jones . This is noted on a Facebook post from the Hermiston Police that was published in July 2020. A female resident first denied knowing Alvarez but admitted later that the man was her husband. Date and time of homicide: November 28, 1992. He reportedly wandered away from a group of friends who were partying at the campground and has not been seen since. Her vehicle has never been located. There is no way to tell at this moment, and the mystery remains. Were they removed by someone else, and if so why? There are multiple thoughts as to what happened to Jeremy, including being used as rifle target practice as he swam in the local lake. Subscribe to get the latest news, offers and special announcements. Three men began looking for Bob and Loveda Proctor on Saturday . County refers to the county the missing person was living in at the time of their disappearance. Police believe David had been deceased less than a half-hour before his body was found. Date and time of homicide: Walter Pirtle was attacked and killed around 4 a.m., on August 23, 1989. Graciela was never seen or heard from again. The missing person(s) listed below resided in the state of Oregon at the time of their disappearance. Sheriff David Soward said "Ms A Shelby County family believes the hunt for a missing relative may be over. In the years that followed, the Douglas County Sheriffs Office received no verifiable sightings and no credible leads. These are your submissions. He opened the trunk and found his wife's body. Sign up for monthly emails full of local travel inspiration and fun trip ideas. Jeremys mother thinks his body is somewhere in Coos County. When he went missing, Derrick was wearing a snowsuit and had a small hatchet with him; it appeared that he may have been attempting to start a fire as small pieces of chopped wood were also found nearby. The two waited around until dusk wondering if something had gone wrong, but Xu never did return from his hike. Ashley Pond (age 12) and Miranda Gaddis (age 13) were both students at Gardiner Middle School. Furthermore, there had been no sudden storms in the area, harsh weather, or anything else that would have provided a sudden challenge, and he was nowhere near water, so how could he die of hypothermia? If it wasn't suicide, then how did this seasoned hiker and camper go missing only to turn up dead 4 years later practically right on top of where he went missing and just 100 feet from the trail he had come in on, despite searches in that area, all while minus his jacket and shirt and displaying no form of physical trauma? The Social Security Administration Handbook states that people are "presumed dead" if they have not "been heard from for seven years or more." In the days that followed Marks disappearance, volunteers, local firefighters, a search and rescue team and K9s yielded nothing. The remains were quickly identified as those of the missing Dutton, but there were plenty of mysteries orbiting them. PRINEVILLE . She writes about Michigan for OIYS. Stephanie was last seen at 10:30 p.m. on November 27, 1990, when she put her three children and her niece to bed in their McMinnville, Oregon residence. 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) The National Institute of Justice's National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) is a national centralized repository and resource center for missing persons and . Date and time last seen: August 20, 1973, around 6 p.m. Location of homicide: Cross Street, west of Maple Street (Photo), Date and time of homicide:Between April 21, 11:30 p.m., to April 23, 6 a.m., 1969. THE DALLES Ore. (KPTV) - The Dalles Police Department said a woman who was reported missing on Tuesday has been found. The vehicle he was using was found broken down on HWY . If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call the JCSO Tip Line at (541) 774 . The Eugene Police Department currently has more than 60 cold cases classified as homicides and missing persons. The other man in the minivan has been cleared of suspicion. #BringAbigaelHome ::: Anybody in Oregon, WE NEED YOUR HELP in finding Abigael Bellows, 22-years-old, last seen swimming in the middle fork of the Willamette . Daniel Barter was 4 years old when he went missing from Perdido Bay, Alabama, on June 18, 1959. The A 68-page report spells out everything investigators did from the moment Kimberly Lindsey was reported missing -- all the way up until her ex-husband, Albert Lambert, was found dead in Miami. florida. Brief synopsis: Azucena Terrazas was the sole employee working at a money transfer business in Eugene. and since 1997 there have been over around 300 people officially listed as missing in the wilderness of the state, according to the Oregon Office of . Real Name: Jeremy Doland Bright Nicknames: No known nicknames Location: Myrtle Point, Oregon Date: August 14, 1986 Occupation: Student Date of Birth: May 25, 1972 Height: 6'0" Weight: 140 lbs Marital Status: Single Characteristics: Caucasian male with Brown hair and green eyes. Missing Persons. Funded and administered by the National Institute of Justice and managed through a contract with RTI International, all NamUs resources are provided at no cost to law enforcement . The Lane County Sheriff's Office in Oregon is investigating. His camping gear was left behind and he hasn't accessed his bank account. Harold Stookey was convicted of murdering Stephanies best friend, June Cross, who disappeared two weeks after Stephanie did. Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse Phone: 503-934-0188 Toll Free: 1-800-282-7155 To report a missing person call your local law enforcement agency. One very well-publicized and ultimately tragic mysterious disappearance in the region occurred just 9 miles from where Daming Xu vanished and 5 years later, when in June of 2012 a 32-year-old Lane Community College graduate named James "Jake" Dutton parked his vehicle at the U.S. Forest Service trailhead near Cougar Reservoir in the rugged Willamette National Forest and began a camping and hiking trek through the wilderness along the 15-mile long French Pete Trail towards the Three Sisters Wilderness boundary on June 15, planning to get back by the 18th. Oregon has no shortage of such phenomena and here are six truly mind-boggling examples. He and his younger sister enjoyed the fair and their stepfather agreed to take them there for the week so they could go to the festivities. This is a list of missing persons from Lane County, Oregon that have photos. Sometime during the night she apparently taped a note to her neighbors door, reading Please check in on my kids. Her ears are pierced one time each in the lobe. For months, local authorities and the FBI searched for possible leads into their disappearances. PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The car of a Portland woman missing since Monday on a planned drive to Redmond was found Friday off Highway 26, a family member confirmed, declining further comment. His owner, Annette McDonald, told the little girl to yell for Norman because "he'll save you!" Date and time of homicide: Between September 8 at 12 noon, to September 9, 12:15 a.m., 1987. Maybe a horrific crime, a mysterious disappearance or perplexing oddity that has you shaking your head. On May 4, 2020, Chases car was located by the Lane County Sheriffs Office in the area of Quartz Creek Rd. Her body was found by school staff members prior to school opening the morning of March 22, 1978. Oregon's missing children. The rest, no so much. Authorities believe Stookey convinced Stephanie to leave her home the night she went missing, but they are unsure why. However, he has reportedly cooperated with the investigation. In 2012, after emergency bowel resection surgery, she was prescribed Ativan. She drove away and was never seen again. 1222. According to his parents, Derrick grew up in the mountains and was used to walking distances upward of 20 miles in steep terrain. The Keizer Police Department, in partnership with Crime Stoppers of Oregon, is asking for the public's help to locate the whereabouts of Cynthia Martinez who is a missing person that was last in Keizer, Oregon. Derricks mom Lori is convinced her son was abducted. She was headed to her own job at the Georgia-Pacific plant in Halsey, OR. The Robbery Detail may be . Over the following two weeks, massive search efforts ensued. A pool of blood and prescription eyeglasses were observed near the vehicle. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. I Often Hear That: I'll Share Some With You, TikTok and Its Strange Proliferation of Mysterious Accounts of Skinwalkers, Shamans, Psychedelics, and One Man's mystical Journey in the Amazon to Find a Miracle Cure. Learn how. Reporting Portland and Vancouver area breaking news and weather stories to make Oregon and Southwest Washington a better place . On July 16, 2017, 26-year-old Cynthia Martinez was a patron at Tequila Nights Bar and Grill, located at 3393 River Road North in Keizer. The MUPU will provide a data packet for the requestor to fill out and provide . The Oregon City community was rocked in 2002 after two young girls went missing. Headquarters & Jail: 503-846-2700. Brown was last seen leaving his . A Florida Missing Child Alert has been issued for Ta'kera Gilbert, who was last seen in the 1200th block N Lincoln Avenue in Lakeland, Florida. It was widely assumed that he must have succumbed to the elements when the bad weather set in, but how did he get lost in the first place, and as no sign of Xus body was ever found, so where did it go? Graciela remains missing without a trace. The missing person (s) listed below resided in the state of Oregon at the time of their disappearance. Maddie Pfeifer , Cody Mann. Top Missing Persons Headlines Police find missing 3-year-old boy . Among the many reports of mysteriously vanished people there are some that seem to be permeated with strange clues and details that propel them further into the realm of the odd. Afterward, she began showing symptoms of mental illness. It was ascertained that Peter Hutchings was involved in dealing cocaine and marijuana and may have been seeking payment that was due to him. Crime Stoppers of Oregon offers cash rewards for information, reported to Crime Stoppers, that leads to an arrest in any unsolved felony crimes and tipsters can remain anonymous. Parent (s) Greg and Cammy Wilberger. Parker is medically fragile and hypersensitive to medications. A lock icon ( ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. (PLEASE: MENTION THE CASE VICTIM'S NAME WHEN SUBMITTING A TIP TO CRIME STOPPERS.). That part is amazing enough, but the truly shocking part? It is believed robbery was a motive as Ball's wallet was missing. His mother and stepfather were going through a divorce in 1986 and he may have been somewhat troubled as a result; his grades dropped during the school year prior to his disappearance.