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Copyright 2023 Helpful Professor. Put a positive spin on areas of weakness. This enthusiasm is laudable. The History of Transportation: An Introduction For Students, Preschool Spring Theme Food Activities: Food Construction for Kids to Make and Enjoy. Simply copy, paste, and insert a name. It's been a delight having ____'s energy, optimism, and maturity in my class. Remember to also maintain a positive but honest and constructive voice when writing. . There are five major areas that should be reported on when it comes to your progress report: the child's social progress, emotional progress, cognitive progress, gross and fine motor progress, and language and literacy progress. Has a knack for managing multiple personalities in group situations. Comments If ______ will continue to put forth the effort he h Report Card Comments & PhrasesEnd of Year. Report Card Comments. How do you celebrate Women's History Month in your classroom? Read below for my full list of report card comment ideas: Use a few positive comments to show the strengths of the student and how theyve improved recently. _____ is a frequent volunteer who makes significant contributions to the class. (Features & Stereotypes), 10 Italian People Features & Stereotypes (What They Look Like), 10 Polish people Features, Characteristics and Stereotypes. The purpose of this study is to describe gross motor skills among US children aged 3-5 years using the Test of Gross Motor Development (TGMD-2). To help you save hours of time, and build parent-teacher communication,I have put together easy comments inside this Report Card Comments resource just for you. 2 WORK RELATED COMMENTS Academic Achievement & Improvement Comments If _____ will continue to put forth the effort he has shown in the past two reporting periods, he will receive a great deal from his schooling. Is a natural organizer and is often seen helping to get her peers organized and ready for tasks. _______ has adjusted nicely to her new school environment. Any assistance you can provide from your own home would be really valuable. _______ needs to spend more time on assigned tasks. ______ is starting to read phrases and groupings of words. ______ arranges words in the correct sequence. ___ is dependable and trustworthy, follows instructions well, and keeps his or her promises to himself and others. Has some off days where she is uninterested in learning. Has developed strong skills in communicating in groups. The reading of ______ is still not automatic. Report Card Comments & Phrases for Citizenship Is effective at using the written word to express herself. It is our personal responsibility, as teachers, to put in the extra work, and give parents more than report card grades. When solving problems with students, ___ displays maturity and exhibits good communication skills when sharing thoughts and ideas about a certain topic/concept. Although some of ______'s printing is excellent, it is frequently clumsy in daily assignments. _______ spaces letters and words correctly. I had a great time having ______ in my class. Choose the right phrasing when writing positive and constructive report card comments. But, I will also follow-up my generic comment from the comment bank with a specific example for the parents to read. Print the cards and laminate before use. R. Report Cards. This is easy enough to do for a full class of 30ish students. It begins with simple tasks and progresses to more complex skills. Has an independent and free spirited mind. In his writing, ______ employs a variety of colourful words. This reporting quarter reflects ______'s attitude toward our school rules, other students, and myself. It would be great to see her showing more care for her workspace to ensure all her belongings are well cared for. The material is tough for _____ to comprehend. has an excellent grasp of the math concepts in measurement (eg. _____ is capable of doing a much better job. Is often resistant to make eye contact and be responsive when spoken to. On assignments, _____ works autonomously. _____ is eager to please. This report card goes hand in hand with my Curriculum Scope and Sequence with State Standards. Download below and import on, Import /export comments page, or 2. If your child seems to be out of step in terms of physical development, you should consult your pediatrician. _____ is motivated to do well in physical education class. Play-doh, puzzles, cutting, and stringing beads are great activities to help with fine motor skills at home. ____ is a very conscientious worker who puts in a lot of effort and attention on a daily basis. Appears to thrive in group learning situations. These include: Playing active games together, such as jumping rope, hopscotch, tag, and hide-and-seek. If you give yourself plenty of time to get prepared before creating preschool student report cards, you can also see the areas where you may need to gather more data before being able to make an accurate assessment of a childs progress. Has shown remarkable strides in communication skills at preschool. Always listens intently with the hope of learning new things. People who struggle with gross motor skills have trouble doing whole-body movements like running and jumping. _____ is amusing and enjoys the stories we read. Objective Gross motor development in early childhood is important in fostering greater interaction with the environment. It is possible for _______ to exceed grade expectations. Report Card Comments & PhrasesSocial Studies _____ contributes significantly in class. Consider assessing children twice each year in order to show a progression in development and to highlight a childs strengths as well as the milestones he will be expected to reach in the coming months. Is developing in an age appropriate way and continues to show good progress. They are the first motor skills a child develops.Mastering gross motor skills helps your child develop a sense of balance and spatial awareness. About The Helpful Professor Save your own comments for future use. is exemplary. Click comments below, Select all (ctrl+a), Copy (ctrl+c), then. It is our personal responsibility, as teachers, to put in the extra work, and give parents more than report card grades. Video help on, Import /export comments page. Has a great deal of confidence when speaking to groups. Please call to set up a conference. The reading of ______ is getting habitual. Thank you for your interest in our class this year and for your support. All of _______'s basic skills are at grade level, but he is not working to the best of his ability. At times comes to class disheveled and disorganized. Kind hearted. uses primary and secondary sources to. CommentsThere has been noticeable improvement in _______'s study habits th Report Card Comments & PhrasesWork and Study Habits. ______ should devote more time to his or her allotted job. Is a very articulate public speaker when talking about issues that she knows well. Could work some more on communicating her opinions during discussions. She's gotten better at using more colourful words. She has a tendency to work too rapidly, which leads to a lot of unintentional mistakes. ______ is making great strides in her reading of sight words. Has had a difficult time getting comfortable in class this year. Is showing increasing independence to learn and study without the need for excessive guidance. I am confident that with more effort and concentration, he will quickly improve. Is always willing to listen to instructions. Needs to dig deep and find greater motivation to learn in coming months. As my previous reports have shown, _____ does not complete his schoolwork. Comes to class with great questions based on the assigned homework tasks, showing thoughtfulness and independence. The sounds ____ and ____ are mixed up by _____ . if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'brighthubeducation_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_3',143,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-brighthubeducation_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0');Break the motor skills section of the report card into two distinct sections: fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Thank you for your interest in this year's schoolwork of _____ . Video help on, Import /export comments page. Is great at solving problems using her own initiative. Shares resources with her peers during play time. I would like to see her working on setting aside more time for homework in the coming months. Can be trusted to complete her homework in time. _____ is changing his attitude toward __ grade. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. ___ must demonstrate that he or she is engaged in the learning process through the quality of his or her work and the efficient use of class time. Use these general and handwriting comments and phrases to ease the report card crunch. Work well done is something that _____ is proud of. uses reading strategies successfully. Comes to class with a huge willingness to participate. Has done an excellent job of navigating new technology and troubleshooting technical issues. Uses color coding and headings in her books effectively to organize her notes. knows how to differentiate between living and non-living things. Create a free account to flag your favourite comments for quick reference. The development of these movements takes time, as gross motor skills require coordination and properly functioning muscles, bones, and nerves. These Women's History Month activities for elementary students will help your students learn how to celebrate Women's Hi Women's History Month Themed Activities Packet. Provide a list of possible motor skills that a preschooler may exhibit, as well as three choices for a teacher to check: Mastery, Progressing, and Not Observed. Has great self-reflection skills, being able to identify her own strengths and weaknesses. He/she follows directions, completes his/her work, and is always willing to help out. Our Animal Movements Gross Motor Activity Cards are a great way to get your students moving and thinking creatively. ___ is constantly looking for ways to assist in the classroom. _______'s handwriting needs to be improved. They help children take part in games, sports and recreational activities. We cite peer reviewed academic articles wherever possible and reference our sources at the end of our articles. Keeps her desk space very tidy, clean and organized. As we mentioned at our latest meeting, ______'s work is not up to par. Is a very respectful and responsible classmate. ______ is an excellent public speaker. Always finds personal interest in topics presented in class. How to use. Thank you for the assistance I'm sure you've provided her. He or she must pay close attention to directions in order to learn to operate autonomously. Always shares and thinks about others during play scenarios. Is a self-assured young learner who is always willing to try something new. __ is respectful and considerate. _____ is an exceptionally thoughtful student. Use the performance indicators to change the comment based on the grade of the student. Research indicates that gross motor skills are a major predictor of a child's school readiness. Every teacher will agree that writing unique report card comments is important as it helps the parents to understand their child's progress, they can take necessary action by understanding the report card comments. There are lots of fun and simple activities you can do with your child to help develop gross motor skills. Roller over from front to back, or back to front. Listens with an open mind to her classmates perspectives. The more personal you make the. I do hope this comment bank for report card comments has come in handy for you. Suggestions for Use. Has been seen to show some great emerging leadership skills during play scenarios. This checklist is organized by fine and gross motor skills. Thats a real feat. ______ enjoys reading and is passionate about literature. Begin your assessment report comments for kindergarten by telling parents how pleased you are to be teaching their kid, or how much their child is learning and developing. I've had a good time being associated with ______. Learn more about our academic and editorial standards. How to create student report cards online using excel? Willing to help others. This year, both academically and socially, ______ has matured nicely. Sitting (initially with support). Dramatization is something that ______ appreciates. He could do better if he worked harder and cooperated more. Behavior, General Conduct, and Social Skills. _______ has improved since the last time we met. Click comments below, Select all (ctrl+a), Copy (ctrl+c), then. Great communicator. Consistently follows class rules. was $3.00. This is two pages, front and back, and leaves room for lots of narrative comments. His progress over the last three months has been impressive. _____ is performing to the best of his or her ability. . This comprehensive report card for 2-3 year olds includes specific skills in the areas of reading readiness and language arts, math, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, and social/emotional. As a subset of the language skills section, you should consider adding a literacy component to your student report card for older preschoolers. Academically, _____ is making steady progress. Because of her low achievement level, _____ finds it challenging to keep up with the rest of the class. Is at times distracted or uninterested in learning. Is a thoughtful and kind student who plays well with others. Women's History Month Choice Board for Elementary Grades. These skills are the building blocks for more complex skills that children will learn throughout their lives. ______'s actions are still inconsistent. ______ uses entire sentences when speaking. These abilities share connections with other physical functions. describes the process. I will often start with a comment bank like the one above. Excels when given leadership roles in small groups. ______ has trouble differentiating between sounds in words. Works well below her capabilities due to lack of motivation to do her best. _____ is prone to being easily distracted. If you'd like to share comments about this report card, please do so by contacting your child's teacher. Report cards, sending home parent letters, and requesting parent volunteers, are great strategies to build a trusting relationships with families. Has trouble repeating and remembering instructions. ______ has to work on his or her self-control. I appreciate your assistance at home. Get your students moving! _____ is improving her ability to pay attention to directions. __ demonstrates positive character . Is resilient in the face of significant challenges and problems presented. In ______, _____ has demonstrated a positive attitude toward wanting to improve. Is socially, cognitively and physically on track for transition to school. _____ must improve his or her classroom demeanour. To retain reading vocabulary, ______ requires a lot of repetition and practise. The form is editable to fill in the date, plus or minus, number of prompts, activity/task, and comments. _____ is indifferent about the value of time. Loves to learn by getting involved and gaining first-hand experiences. Below are some sample comments as a starting point to write perfect comments. Gross motor skills provide the foundation for developing healthy bodies and social and emotional well-being. S. Shapes Sight Words Snacks for Kids Snowman Space Spring St. Patrick . _______'s behavior continues to be inconsistent. Is not afraid to go against the majority if she is certain of her beliefs and thoughts. enjoys participating in small group lessons, is continuing to show positive changes with his/her work habits. The following are report cards that physical education teachers have submitted that allow them to show how their students are being graded and making progress towards becoming skilled movers for the rest of their lives. Enter promo code: LEARNING when checking out to get 10% off. ______ enjoys talking about the stories we've been reading. Any evidence you have to back up your report card assessment should be shared with parents. Subjects: Classroom Management Grades: K - 3rd Types: Within the productive speech section of the report card, you should include skills such as Uses words to communicate needs and Spoken language is understood by other students. Has started to let carelessness seep into his work for the past few months. ______ does not devote enough time to his or her homework. Gross motor skills are movements such as running, crawling, swimming or hopping. With a over 500 5-star reviews, you can see how the comments have saved teachers so much time, and helped parents better understand their childs progress. _____ takes the initiative and thinks things through on his own. Is good at class work, but needs more initiative to complete her weekly homework in a timely manner. I'm hoping that this effort and attitude will continue into the next school year. unexcused absences have greatly effected his/her grades. We will concentrate on _____ in the coming term because _____ has had problems learning . _____ sight words are now recognised by ____ . Thank you for your unwavering support and assistance from home. The quality of _____'s work reflects her positive attitude. _____ is a pleasant and cooperative youngster. Perseveres through difficulties to achieve her goals. Works productively in groups of all sizes to get tasks done. Throughout the summer, please continue to foster and support this behaviour. Have a fantastic summer! As a parent, and a kindergarten teacher for 17 years, I learned a childs development is worth much more than a passing grade on recognizing numbers and letters. Give parents insight and suggestions for practicing at home. Build the perfect comment by choosing from the organized lists, or simply insert students names in the complete paragraph comments. When speaking, ______ utilises (complicated, basic) sentences. *Enter discount code LEARNING when checking out. It would be great to see some improvement in her weakest subjects in the future. If ______ is to succeed in the _____ grade, he must improve his reading speed and comprehension. If there is serious concern that might be difficult to express in writing, you should arrange for a parent-teacher conference to have a discussion and see how things progress. As always, use anecdotal records, childrens work and pictures to back up your assessment. Has at times sought undue attention and distracted the flow of lessons. 4.7. Here are some great comments specifically for children in the early years of their development. _____ takes responsibility well and has a pleasant demeanour.