Singer and actor Zendaya became one of the brands spokesmodels earlier this year, joining the ranks of women such as Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Are gender roles relaxing inthe world of makeup? Willam Belli, the international drag queen sensation, is finally doing what fans have been clamoring for since he first hit the runway on . A weekly digest of Monitor views and insightful commentary on major events. Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. Companies are partnering with them to parlay their fame online so that the companies themselves may feel more authentic to Millennial and Gen Z audiences.. Vote for your favorite beauty products now! Were the bran muffin of journalism. Carly Cardellino was the beauty director at Cosmopolitan. It's the fun of being a human and being able to decorate yourself and being able to not take life too seriously. In an interview earlier this year, Charles told Marie Claire that makeup is an art form for him. No person who has ever encountered former Drag Race contestant Willam has ever forgotten him. Monitor journalism changes lives because we open that too-small box that most people think they live in. Charles was just named CoverGirls' very first male CoverGirl. In response to an online video released earlier this monththat teaches children "some people aren't born boys or girls" Jason Benham urged pastors to speak out against such "nonsense" that seeks to "brainwash" kids. Companies can also win over younger audiences by making social statements. If you're looking for a new beauty brand to stan, please look no further than Willam Belli's COVERBOY beauty line, a cosmetics company designed to appeal to creatives, drag queens, makeup. You do you, yknow?". In September 2019, Ready Go Ventures co-founded, invested-in, built-out and now operates the Coverboy Cosmetics brand. In the course of a year, teen makeup artist James Charles has gone from starting an Instagram account showing off his impressive work to getting shoutouts from Katy Perry for making history. Help keep The Christian Post free for everyone by making a one-time donation today. Plus, Hollywood-based fans can catch Willam at a special one-day pop-up shop on Sept. 14 and shop the brand IRL at 1646 N Cherokee Ave. in Los Angeles, California. "James Charles is no exception. To view this content, click 'Allow and continue'. James Charles in video titled "FULL FACE USING NO BRUSHES MAKEUP CHALLENGE" published on September 9, 2016. Whoever said it wasn't easy being green was lying. This message will appear once per week And the first male face of Covergirl brand. One year ago, he boldly chose to launch his Instagram to the world, using transformative, dynamic makeup looks to showcase the many facets of his personality, serving as an inspiration to women, men, guys and girls who might have been afraid to do the same.. It will be 17-year-old James Charles, a teenager who rose to fame on social media, including by creating YouTube videos in which he teaches men and women how to apply makeup (and he can run. The lashes are available in six styles: 301&Done in Black, Day Lash, Party Girl Lash, Pigeon, Fiver Blue, and 301&Done in Blue. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. In the design process, Willam wanted to ensure that each product was easy to use and didn't require brushes or any complicated application techniques. In the company's 55 year history, there has never been a male star in one of their campaigns. It's fun to play with the trends, but you want to keep going back to the classics. Real news, real hope. "Just wrapped another great CoverGirl shoot. Hopefully through the beauty stories she writesand the experiences she sharesyou can see exactly why she's in this business. Hmmm well that joke is ruined, but who cares! By continuing to browse the site You dont have a Christian Science Monitor James Charles, a 17-year-old makeup artist from New York, will be the new face of the iconic cosmetics brand. But will more men follow his lead? You may remember him as the teen who decided to retake his senior portrait to ensure that his flawless highlight game got the recognition it deserved. CoverGirl said in a statementthat it chose Charles to promote So Lashy, because the product is designed to work on all lash types. The transformation will take your breath away. unless you renew or As for the brand name, Willam decided to go with something a little cheeky and so classically drag: "Covergirl dont cover boy is the oldest drag joke in the book," he says. Hope youll give us another try and check out some other articles. And that influence is powerful. Each of them contains just enough glitter to give them a wet-looking finish, but not so much that they're uncomfortable to wear. If you were to come up with a punchline to a joke about the Monitor, that would probably be it. CoverGirl names makeup artist James Charles its first cover boy One of the makeup industry's largest brands announced on Instagram that the 17-year-old makeup artist from New York is its. A major problem Roncal has always had with powder highlighters is that they only look one of two ways: subtle and wet, or so bright it's impossible to blend well. CoverGirl has announced its first ever CoverBoy. Your session to The Christian ?? Charles will be appearing in advertisements for CoverGirls newest mascara called So Lashy, according to the Huffington Post. What sets this 18-shade palette apart from the rest, however, is the dual-ended applicator that comes with it. A photo of him retaking his senior portraits in his makeup racked up tens of thousands of likes and retweets last month. coverboy makeup name change. ", RELATED: 15 drugstore mascaras celebrity makeup artists can't live without. In the week since, he lost millions of . Meet CoverGirl's first-ever CoverBoy, James Charles. Covergirl has a fresh new face representing the brand and for the first time ever it belongs to a guy. ): "All of our COVERGIRLs are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful. This allows those pushing the agenda to rebuild society in man's image not God's with government as the ultimate giver (and taker) of our rights," he added. We I can't wait to see where this opportunity takes him! Your subscription to Hear about special editorial projects, new product information, and upcoming events. On top of all other things, our conversation with him led back to one important lesson: Don't forget to have fun with this makeup. Although his time competing on the reality series was short-lived because he was kicked off for breaking house rules, he's become one of the industry's most sought-after drag talents due to his long-running comedy YouTube series Willam's Beatdown and his appearance in the hit film A Star Is Born alongside Lady Gaga. "It just feels like something you want to wear.". By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. We are trying out Willam's new line of makeup Coverboy. They crossed paths when Rupaul came to the designer's offices for a runway show fitting; what ensued was more than 20 years of friendship that's still going strong today. "She embodies everything I love about makeup and the playfulness of it," Rupaul gushes. Of course, with great drag comes great glam, and according to Willam, he's always had a knack for it. So I retook my senior photos & brought my ring light with me so my highlight would be poppin. Polished's four-shade offering also includes timeless staples like Now Prance, a peony-colored red-orange, A Shade Shady, a purple-leaning mauve, Dragmother, a deep blue-toned red, and Showgirl, a caramel nude. The paired blush combines a peach-y pink base with a hint of gold shimmer for a universally flattering flush. Her most recent discovery: De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment, which will change your blemish-clearing game! Honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first COVERBOY, James Charles! she wrote on Instagram. Roncal's and RuPaul's take on the eyeliner pencil comes in three fool-proof shades, available exclusively in a trio set. Charles, 17, now has more than 525,000 Instagram followers and 77,000 YouTube subscribers who come to check out his stylish creations. This is pretty major, if you ask me. now that CoverGirl has announced that James is its first male CoverGirl spokesmodel. 2023 Cond Nast. Log in to hide ads. 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"All CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful,'' the company said in a statement to TODAY. At the age of 17, Charles is breaking boundaries and doing it in style. improve functionality and performance. "All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful," the company said. "When she asked me to collaborate, I thought, Absolutely.". Its official: so excited to welcome @JCharlesBeauty to the COVERGIRL family. Sequins (matte black, pictured above), Hey Sis (almost-black burgundy) and Mighty Love (deep red) have rich, one-swipe pigment that can be left to dry as is or diffused into smoky looks. I was staring at him with my jaw dropped, wondering how he got his eye makeup so perfect and why my cheekbones have never looked that contoured/amazing in my life?! Science Monitor has expired. 2023 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. In another message he added: "I started my Instagram one year ago to inspire others and as an artistic outlet to challenge myself creatively. Polished Liquid Lipstick, Roncal says, is not like any other liquid lipstick you've used before. We can't let our kids get brainwashed like this," Benham said. Who owns Gatorade: Coke or Pepsi? CoverGirl isnt the first cosmetic brand to eschew hegemonic notions of femininity, says Cornell University anthropologist Oneka LaBennett in a phone interview with The Christian Science Monitor. Because everyone has differing needs when it comes to lipstick wearability, Roncal and RuPaul created two other lip formulas for their collaborative collection perfect for mixing and matching. We have a mission beyond circulation, we want to bridge divides. Our team handles all of the business's "C-suite" roles (e.g., co-CEO, COO, CMO, CFO) as well as all daily administrative and operational responsibilities. See the entire range of limited-edition, face, eye, and lip products below. "This type of nonsense has got to be called out. These high-quality glitters have zero fallout, and all you've got to do is scoop some up and swipe it on. Katy Perry broke the news that the 17-year-old Internet star would be the first "coverboy" ambassador of CoverGirl, who hails him as a "boundary . Because RuPaul wanted this collection to include colors that "work on everybody," he stuck to a timeless eye palette full of neutrals and, of course, a whole lot of shimmer. So its not surprising that its male cosmetics at this point.. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. "Alaska Thunderfuck taught me recently about the importance of highlight on a dolls shoulder, so I dab it there, too.". You might recognize makeup artist and YouTuber .css-tjvzc4{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;text-decoration-thickness:0.0625rem;text-decoration-color:inherit;text-underline-offset:0.25rem;color:inherit;-webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;border-bottom:thin solid #6F6F6F;}.css-tjvzc4:hover{color:#595959;text-decoration-color:border-link-body-hover;}James Charless face from his ***flawless senior pictures. About a year ago, I happened upon this statement about the Monitor in the Harvard Business Review under the charming heading of do things that dont interest you: Many things that end up being meaningful, writes social scientist Joseph Grenny, have come from conference workshops, articles, or online videos that began as a chore and ended with an insight. He has been welcomed by other prominent CoverGirl ambassadors, such as singer Katy Perry, who posted an image of herself with Charles on Instagram, and wrote: "Honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first COVERBOY, James Charles! Love the idea of contouring but don't know where to start? Though the results of Draglash are longer, thicker, and fluffier lashes, she insists the lightweight formula makes it way easier to wear than actual falsies. The brand announced that James Charles, a 17-year-old makeup artist from New York, is its newest model. Arguably the star of the whole show, Coverboy Glitter Jellies cost $12 each, come in four bold colors, and can be used just about anywhere you see fit. Don't just take my word for it though. Can a Jesus Revolution take place again in America? I've Been Single for 8 Yearsand I Blame My Makeup. IE 11 is not supported. Me Because Selena Gomez Just Posted Her Bare Skin and Natural Curls, Shania Twain's Neon Red Hair Is the One Grammys Look You Can't Miss. For the purposes of this collection, he took the same lightweight formula with a soft-focus finish and repacked it in gold for his own personal touch. CoverGirl Picks 'CoverBoy' as Its First-Ever Male Makeup Model. Follow writer Scott Stump on Twitter. "You owe it to yourself to take the time to discover and have fun. RuPaul loves to use the dual-ended sponge from the eye shadow palette to blend out the liner for an effortless daytime look. May 20, 2021; yats chipotle alexio recipe; workplace accident prevention strategies . The groundbreaking news was first announced on Perry's Instagram, before Charles took to his own social page to share the exciting news with his fans. Similar-looking products, two totally different techniques. This type of public figure has the visibility of a traditional celebrity but at the same time already interacts with fans and followers on a personal level. One year ago, he boldly chose to launch his Instagram to the world, using transformative, dynamic makeup looks to showcase the many facets of his personality, serving as an inspiration to anyone who might have been afraid to do the same, the statement said, according to the Huffington Post. logged you out. "I am so thankful and excited and cannot wait to show you all what we have in store," Charles wrote on Instagram, announcing that he will appear in ads for CoverGirl's new product So Lashy! A subreddit to discuss beauty influencers, makeup artists, brand owners Press J to jump to the feed. retailers. According to Huffington Post, it was only a year ago that Charles started his Instagram page. "I barely wash my own brushes, so Im not trying to tell people they need to make more work for themselves," he says. Our 2019 Best of Beauty Awards have arrived check out all the winning products here. Latest book reviews, author interviews, and reading trends. Oct 14, 2016 - 17 year old New York-based makeup artist James Charles is a new sensation on Instagram with over 500k followers there and another 75k subscribers on YouTube. she wrote on Instagram. Stay informed about the latest scientific discoveries & breakthroughs. Here he is with Katy Perry (that highlight tho!!! If you need help purchasing a product directly from Allure, go to our FAQ. WALTERBORO, S.C. A series of revelations have emerged in the more than monthlong murder trial of Alex Murdaugh, the disbarred South Carolina lawyer accused of killing his wife and son. Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, anyone? Willam admits that his color selection was a selfish one, hence his brand's high-contrast offering. "I was very inspired by Euphoria: light-reflective faces with high-color statements.". Yesterday, the cosmetics giant named its first-ever CoverBoy: beauty vlogger James Charles. Its basically the same thing," Willam tells Elite Daily. "These are the colors that I wear all the time, and they absolutely work," RuPaul says. Coverboy's range of lashes are certainly more catered to drag queens than the average makeup fan, but Willam assures anyone can make them work with the right mindset. A weekly update on music, movies, cultural trends, and education solutions. Charles expressed his excitement for his new gig on his Instagram and Twitter. Were at the cusp of potentially electing the first woman president of the United States, so we know that theres a shift going on in terms of gender norms, LaBennett says. "Fingers work great. Willam advises to think outside the box with Glitter Jelly it's not designed only to be worn on the face. CoverGirl -- which is owned by Coty Inc. ( COTY) -- and Charles announced the new agreement on social media, along with pop star Katy Perry, who recently posed alongside Charles in a CoverGirl. RELATED: Get your pumpkin spice fix with these 29 pumpkin beauty products. He said it took a lot of thorough conversations with his parents to make them understand that it wasnt an expression of his gender identity. It seems that almost every day, another former Drag Race contestant is launching their own brand or collaborative collection this year alone, Willam Belli, Aquaria, Trixie Mattel, and more have dipped their toes into the rapidly growing pool of celebrity beauty lines. Easy, breezy, beautiful CoverBoy? To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Thats right, I am a new CoverGirl.. James, who first earned. You read that correctly: The newest CoverGirl is a boy. "I love to run Goldie down the front of my shin or on my collarbone," he tells Allure. Aspiring makeup artist and social media star James Charles, 17, has become the first male face of CoverGirl. The topic of gender confusion and transgenderism has been the subject of much controversy in the United States, with conservative voices such as the Benham brothers speaking out against movements that seek to teach children that they weren't born male or female, but instead can choose what gender they want to be on any given day. retailers. So I retook my senior photos & brought my ring light with me so my highlight would be poppin. There's a lot of fun there, too.". As Roncal and RuPaul tell Allure, the duo met in the early '90s when Roncal was working as an assistant to fashion designer Kalinka. Here are some of his different makeup creations that prove just how talented he is. French Braids With Mini Buns Will Give You *Life*, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. Joining the growing list of Drag Race alumni stepping into the makeup industry full force is Willam Belli with his new line Coverboy. If you follow her Instagram, then you know she'll try just about any beauty trend or treatment once (the pics of her purple hair are on IG to prove it). I could look at this all day long and not get bored. Thanks to the rise of male beauty YouTube stars, the idea of men wearing makeup is slowly becoming more accepted by society. As for the Designer Lashes, there will be six different options ranging in price from $10 to $18. On Tuesday, the pop star helped announce that Charles has become the first male to represent the CoverGirl brand. "A really big makeup artist slash drag queen secret is when you want pigment to really show up, you're going to use a sponge because they lay the product down so well," she says. This content is imported from twitter. I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and can do anything if you work hard.". An update on major political events, candidates, and parties twice a week. "Their main target is to eliminate any and all moral standards. Decades after becoming friends, Roncal reached out to RuPaul about a collaboration, and he unflinchingly accepted. 2022 Galvanized Media. I can be confident with bare skin and with a full face, he told the magazine. All rights reserved. That, however, is set to change this week with RuPaul's release of his long-anticipated collection with Mally Beauty, a beloved brand founded by celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. Ad Choices. "DragCons attendees are my target market so it makes sense that I would debut there with a bunch of people that also do/love drag," shares Willam. Today Im living out one of my biggest dreams and Im currently on set of my first ever TV commercial with CoverGirl, he said with a huge smile.